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Services - Lawns


A lawns exclusively for stags where it is common to find both business and leisure groups being catered to side by side. Keeping in mind the young generation as well as septuagenarian as an afterthought of being in serene lush green surroundings to relax and enjoy the beautiful blue skies, gushing winds, whole gamut of entertainment like movies, weekend tambola, theme festivals.


Another lawn as the name suggests a lawn of exclusively for vegetarians, festivity, it gives you an inkling of being amidst a class of society without being perturbed about the tranquility and its grandeur.


A name derived from the famous BRINDAVAN GARDENS of MYSORE, a lawn catering to the needs of family & friends. Lush green lawns remind you of the reminiscent of past glory of Maharaja & Nawab of yesteryears.


Come and enjoy the moonlit dinners & snacks, under the clear blue natural skies. A place perfect for the privileged.